SKIN by Monica

SKIN by Monica is a revolutionary natural skin care line. Free of parabens, urea, alcohol, petroleum and other harmful chemicals, this is 100% pure skin care without all the junk. It is nourishing, rejuvenating and gentle enough for a baby.You’ll see and feel the difference with consistent use of any of our anti-aging skincare, natural and organic baby skin care and mens skin products. Natural Ingredients, gentle conditioning and effective results is what Skin by Monica brings to you and your family.

What makes SKIN by Monica  unique?
• We only use natural and organic ingredients in our skin care products with absolutely no synthetics, artificial
fragrances, parabens, alcohol, dimethicone, urea and the list goes on.
• We don’t use any harmful ingredients or irritants – click here to see list of ingredients to avoid
• We manufacture our own products to ensure quality control.
• We produce small lots to ensure freshness and timely deliveries.
• Our products have been sold all over the world and tested by doctors and skin care professionals.
• Our products are developed on a need-driven basis, not a mark et-driven basis.
• We will not succumb to trends in the skin care industry or adver tising.
• Our products contain active ingredients in the percentages that have been proven
to make a difference on your skin.
• We offer target-specific products for men women and baby, and an easy-to-use step program.
• We are driven by innovation and strive to make the task of carin g for your skin easier.
• We offer the premium quality at great prices.

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